Kelsie Lenton

Financial Advisor


My name is Kelsie Lenton, and I am a financial advisor in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

I am passionate about building meaningful relationships with my clients; this allows me to get to know them better so we can successfully create a financial plan that is tailored to their lifestyle.

As a Certified Financial Planner at Lenton Financial Inc, I specialize in helping my clients protect their income and investments in all stages of their working life; increasing their overall net worth allowing them to transition into a work optional lifestyle for retirement.
  • Being a trusted advisor I know my clients have more things to worry about then what is the best product/solution for their needs. I am here every step of the way to make sure we stay on track for all their life goals.
  • I get my clients the best rates on their life, critical illness or disability insurance to protect through all life stages.
  • I get new medical professionals who will graduate soon or have recently graduated get up to 30% off their disability insurance.
  • I specialize in helping my clients make sure there are no gaps in their retirement or estate planning needs through a free consultation financial planning review.
I have been an financial advisor servicing Saskatchewan for over 10 years and am licensed in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick. I am licensed with multiple insurance companies allowing me to get the best product for my clients, I am also commissioned through these companies so my services don’t cost you anything.

Contact me to review an existing financial plan or start a new one. Let me help you start saving today!