"With Kelsie’s help, buying life insurance was very easy. She explained my options and helped me pick the product that best fit my needs."

Brandi Mitrenga

"Kelsie always has time to take my calls! Anytime I have a question if Kelsie doesn't have the answer she will call me back the same day with the answer!! Kelsie never pressures me into anything!"

Lisa Novak

"My husband and I were referred to Kelsie by our Mortgage broker. She knew how frustrated we were about understanding what we needed for insurance and what would serve us best in the long run, so she though Kelsie could help us.  Kelsie was so awesome. It took two appointments to get through everything, but she was patient, explained so many options, gave us great recommendations and connected with us on a personal level that you don’t see in an industry like insurance. Insurance can be daunting, scary and many people don’t want to think about the “what ifs” of life, but Kelsie kept us on track and worked with us to get the best coverage for our family for the short AND long term.  She checked up on us during the first few weeks to make sure we understood everything and responded to all our email and calls immediately. You feel like her only client. Even now, I can send her an email and ask her about something and she is so quick to respond and always has a solution ready before you ask. We are very happy with the service, knowledge and personal touches that make Kelsie top in our books. We would recommend her to newbies to insurance like us, or for those who are looking for an honest second opinion on their insurance needs. Kelsie will make sure you are covered."

Anna Pontikis Mcleod and Jason Mcleod

"I have been working with Kelsie since the beginning of 2013, and I must say she is just an exceptional professional. Not only has she taken great care of my client's insurance and investment needs, she has also taken care of my family to ensure that we are protected if something was to happen. She has educated me with the importance of having insurance in place, and has saved my clients and family thousands by not going through the bank. I will continue to refer Kelsie as I know that she will take great care of anyone I send her. You are the Best!"

Amber McFadden

"Before I met Kelsie, I was not adequately informed on my options life insurance policies and how to protect myself if something bad happened. My girlfriend and I just bought a house and we were exploring different insurance options other than the banks home protector line. After making an appointment with Kelsie and her taking the time to sit down with me for over 3 hours explaining to me the ins and out of every different  insurance policy out there as well as the different costs associated with each one. She tailored a plan that was perfect for me and my needs. Her background and experience in the insurance market was definitely shown though her explanations as well my questions no matter how stupid I felt they were, were explained to me in layman terms.
I would recommend that anybody who needs a helping hand or some information on options go to this wonderful lady and get some valuable education and insurance explanations from a very knowledgeable, well versed professional."

Travis Zimmermann