Travis Zimmermann

Before I met Kelsie, I was not adequately informed on my options life insurance policies and how to protect myself if something bad happened. My girlfriend and I just bought a house and we were exploring different insurance options other than the banks home protector line. After making an appointment with Kelsie and her taking the time to sit down with me for over 3 hours explaining to me the ins and out of every different  insurance policy out there as well as the different costs associated with each one. She tailored a plan that was perfect for me and my needs. Her background and experience in the insurance market was definitely shown though her explanations as well my questions no matter how stupid I felt they were, were explained to me in layman terms.

I would recommend that anybody who needs a helping hand or some information on options go to this wonderful lady and get some valuable education and insurance explanations from a very knowledgeable, well versed professional.